Amalfi wedding

Elegance arises from the right balance of distinction, naturalness, care and simplicity, qualities that Sara and Mario‘s wedding has fully represented. The cathedral of Amalfi, in the city center, has welcomed the two spouses in all their splendor. Sara came to the church escorted by her father and the affection of dozens of tourists, ready to applaud her and to send her their best wishes along the famous staircase (57 steps!).

The reception, as elegant as the rest of the ceremony, was held at the Hotel Miramalfi. The bride and groom have paid homage to the beautiful land of Amalfi asking the guests to wear the typical sandals of Capri.

At the end of the day, the trace of an indelible emotion remained in the heart. The result is a video full of romantic suggestions, which shines with joy that only true, sincere love can give.