A luxury 4-day Amalfi Coast wedding

Alla and Scott’s Amalfi Coast wedding was an amazing 4-day event! The American couple was literally conquered by the beauty of the Italian landscapes, culture, and cuisine, and chose Italy for celebrating their big day. During the four days, the couple made sure to have everything they needed.

To begin with, a rehearsal dinner at Palazzo Avino, a 12th-century old noble mansion with a wonderful view over Ravello’s Gulf. The second day, the couple and their guests explored the beauties of the Amalfi Coast, from Ravello to Massalubrense and back, riding in twenty-two vintage cars (arrived, for the occasion, straight from Montecarlo). Alla, Scott, and their guests spent the evening on a sailing ship whose sails were personalised with the spouses’ initials, and had dinner at restaurant La Rada di Positano, before moving to the exclusive discotheque Music on the Rocks.

A visit to Capri is a must if you are staying on the Amalfi Coast. Hence, on the third day, the spouses and their guests sailed towards the marvellous island, where they had a meal at restaurant La Fontelina, one among the most praised restaurants of the area.

Finally, the ceremony was held the fourth day at Villa Cimbrone, in the gorgeous Tea Room’s garden, embellished by a myriad of white roses. A private concert of Andrea Bocelli eventually concluded Alla and Scott’s party, the celebration of their love and the beginning of their new life together. Everything was just perfect, an unforgettable triumph of beauty and love.


Photographer: Gianni di Natale

Venue: Palazzo Avino (Ravello), Villa Cimbrone (Ravello); La Rada (Positano); La Fontelina (Capri)

Floreal design: Malafrontefiori

Special guest: Andrea Bocelli