Wedding in Masseria Salamina, Puglia

There is nothing more romantic, for a young couple in love with Italy, then a wedding in Puglia! For their big day, Hossein and Farah chose a special location: Masseria Salamina. Not only because it’s an authentic farmhouse of the Apulian countryside, but because it has been the bride’s family summer destination for many years.

The two spouses, both Arabs, opted for a civil ceremony which took place at Fasano Municipality. The gorgeous bride, accompanied by her father, arrived at the venue on a vintage car. After the celebration, they all moved to the Masseria where the spouses abandoned themselves to the pleasures of the table and of the Apulian hospitality surrounded by the fondness of their dear ones.

A wonderful and moving day, carrying the hallmark of joy, elegance and the unique refinement of the Italian style!