Oksana & Matthew wedding in Florence

Oksana and Matthew chose Il Salviatino Hotel, in Fiesole (Florence), as their wedding venue. This 15th-century majestic villa, hand-renovated, boasts a breath-taking view over the Tuscan landscape. A magical place, where the charm of the building and the impeccable service combine themselves with the splendour of the natural scenery. The truly perfect location for an unforgettable wedding!

Oksana, in her gorgeous white dress, and Matthew, elegant and attentive, pledged their wedding vows in the library room, extremely moved, and enjoying the affection of friends and relatives. In this enchanting scenery, the hugs and kisses the spouses exchanged truly lifted our spirits.

The joy in their eyes, the refined atmosphere of the venue, the warmth and the elegance of the party, made up the chemistry of a perfect day. We are really honoured to have had the privilege to narrate it!